Company Overview

XCD Realty & Property Management was founded in Canada in 2001. It was incorporated and developed as a full service real estate and property management company to encompass client needs from acquisition, property management through to disposition. The company built a significant management portfolio with 2000+ residential and 500,000 SF of Commercial and in 2013 transitioned the management company to our International Partner and ventured into the US market.

Our journey in the US markets began in 2011 where we embarked on building a similar model developing a full-service real estate and property management team. Over the past 6 years we have successfully captured a lion share of the commercial and residential markets and are fully equipped to continue the growth of our Brokerage and Management Team.

Our corporate vision is “to meet and exceed client expectations” and our mission is “to sustain economic growth with capital preservation”. Our corporate structure is built to suit our Client needs- real estate acquisitions and dispositions, construction and development and portfolio management. We pride ourselves on our diversity and ability to adapt to all facets of real estate.
Our Team is built with experts from a diverse array of backgrounds, which enables us to provide our Clients operational efficiency with enhanced profitability“Our goal is to meet and exceed our Client expectations and deliver sustained economic growth with asset preservation”

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